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We are dedicated to filling your software needs. If you need a webpage for advertising your startup, or new management software for your warehouse, we have got you covered. With fully customized software solutions we will make sure you have exactly what you and your business need.
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From a simple webpage to a fully customized software system
We do it all!

Modern Business Apps

Mobile, Desktop, and Web applications that seamlessly work together to allow your business to work quick and efficient from anywhere. (Relocate your office to utopia)

Industrial Solutions

Capture PLC data, Control PLCs from PC, Server, or Internet.
Process Automation - Make your automation smarter, faster, and more productive by combining information from the web with your automation.
IOT - Create smart devices on the Internet Of Things.

Web Development

- Modern responsive websites designed to work great on any device, especially attracting phone users to your business
- SEO - Search Engine Optimization sure to captivate the customers

Database Administration

  • MS SQL Server, Azure, MySQL, MongoDB, Casandra, CouchDB, MS Access
  • Database development, data-mining, upgrades, administration, synchronizing
  • API / Backend development
  • Legacy Systems

    We can help you maintain older MS Access or DOS based systems or we can upgrade your Legacy systems to web based applications

    Remote Support

    Our technologists are available to assist with various technical issues.
    Call us so we can get you back up and running as quickly as possible!

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