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Automated Cashier (ATM) for Bottle Depots - THRU-WALL

Brand: Ideaz
Product Code: THRU-WALL Auto-Cashier
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THRU-WALL model:

ATM style secure kiosk enclosure with rear access

 - Touch screen for user input
 - Second touch screen at back of computer for employee 
 - Built in smart card reader that can read smartcards for applications where the customer receives a card with his order attached
 - Barcode reader.  Customer scans chit ticket or reciept to collect cash.
 - Includes 4 secured Canadian Bill Dispensers with rear access ($50,$20,$10, $5)
 - Includes 5 Coin Dispensers with rear access (toonie, loonie, quarter, dimes, nickels)
 - 80MM Reciept Printer built-in 
 - Integrates with Solum POR system
 - Includes Industrial Computer
 - Includes UPS Battery backup
- OPTIONAL Stainless Steel trim is additional $1200
 - Shipping and setup included
Note: This model is designed to sit behind a secure wall with an opening.  
There are several advantages to a automated cashier machine.
 - it counts the money faster then a human cashier can
 - it doesn't make counting mistakes.  If there is a problem (such as out of cash) that prevents dispensing the complete amount, it prints a ticket that tells how much wasn't dispensed so it can be looked after by a human cashier or manager.
 - it doesn't steel money and is more secure then a cash drawer
 - it carefully keeps track of every bill and coin it gives out.
 - it is friendly and puts a smile on the customers face
 - it saves labour costs as a dedicated cashier employee is not required

A Thru-wall style ATM machine can be configured to me more secure, more convenient, and give the operator more control of what is happening on the front by controlling it from behind.


There are a few security advantages to the Thru-wall style.

- The machine resides in a different room that can be secured

- The machine is fastened to the wall so it is very difficult to steal

- When loading cash into the machine, it is all done from in the back room so customers don’t see what is happening.  Money can be added during the day at anytime during regular business.

- Security cameras mounted in the canopy above can capture both the user and what cash is actually coming out of the machine.


It is easy to change receipt paper or maintain the machine from the back side during business hours.  Some things can be done while customers are using the machine.  And if some maintenance requires the machine to be off for a few minutes, it can easily be set to maintenance mode for a very short time in between customers.

It also is conveniently located out of the way since it is in a wall and doesn’t sit in the middle of a room.


You control the system from a touch screen in the back of the machine.  You can check how much cash is remaining in the machine and easily turn the front screen on or off at any time from the computer at the back.  You never have to ask the customers to stand back so you can open the machine to check inside.


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